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Fashion Class




Kevin Turner’s high school coun­selor has bad news for him—the school has changed aca­d­e­m­ic require­ments. If Kevin is going to get the Advanced Place­ment French class he wants, he’s going to have to take a new elec­tive, Indus­tri­al Design 401 … bet­ter known as Fash­ion Class.

But Kevin learns that he has a flair for fashion—and he learns that he is a girl in heart and soul, and that he is trans­gen­der. With the sup­port of his moth­er and friends, he starts a jour­ney toward a career in fashion—as Katie.

Here’s what readers have said about “Fashion Class”

A tru­ly stun­ning accom­plish­ment … A won­der­ful sto­ry with great heart … The strong emo­tions invoked moved me to tears … This sto­ry touched me in ways that only a hand­ful of oth­ers have … She makes you fall in love with the char­ac­tersA sto­ry that brings joy to me from start to fin­ish … A delight­ful read!