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I Should Have Known


Edward Cam­pi­on was a lone­ly man who only inter­act­ed with the world through his indus­tri­al designs. He found a kin­dred spir­it in his wife Mon­i­ca, only to have their cozy world for­ev­er altered with the intro­duc­tion of a gay cou­ple and a sharp lawyer—and the pos­si­bil­i­ty that he is transgender.
Edward will be launched on a jour­ney to become a woman named Edie … but who will ben­e­fit and who will suffer?

Here’s what readers have said about “I Should Have Known”

An absolute­ly excep­tion­al work, with enough twists and turns to keep your inner sleuth guess­ing and the sto­ry ten­sion and atmos­phere of fore­bod­ing that won’t be resolved until the final pages … Ms. Bish­op hap­pens to pos­sess the gift of being an astute observ­er of human nature and behav­ior … If you nev­er read any­thing else, read this book. But bring tis­sues and curl up in bed. Trust me, you will be glad you read it, just as you’ll be glad for the tissues.