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Dress Code




Lau­rie Tilden is a girl. That’s a fact. She and her moth­er have known that since birth—except for the oth­er fact that Laurie’s birth cer­tifi­cate states: Lau­rence Tilden, Male.

That hasn’t been a prob­lem for Lau­rie; she may be trans­gen­der but she’s a hap­py girl enjoy­ing the friends she made while being home­schooled. But now it’s time for pub­lic mid­dle school and bul­lies and mean girls and dis­ap­prov­ing teach­ers make life dif­fi­cult for Laurie.

Can she prove to the prin­ci­pal that she can be accept­ed as a girl, all in two weeks? And to meet the Girls’ Dress Code?

Here’s what readers have said about “Dress Code”

This sto­ry is great … Almost like a real sto­ry from life and one you almost want to be a part of … A set of char­ac­ters who are inter­est­ing and enjoy­able, along with a well-craft­ed sto­ry … Dif­fi­cult sub­ject, well craft­ed … Who says dress codes can’t be fun? … Karin Bish­op has done it again!